Homeowners don’t usually replace their windows because there’s some catastrophic failure with them. With windows, there is not usually any huge indicator which tells you it’s time to replace them. However, there are certainly some signs which you can consider when you’re thinking about replacing your windows. Here are some of the most common reasons homeowners choose to undergo a complete window replacement.

Renovations or Makeovers

When you are already in the midst of a major renovation for your home, adding in a window replacement project is usually a good idea. Upgrading your windows will go right along with all the other improvements you’re making around the home. In fact, if you are significantly changing the entire decor throughout your home, it would be a good idea to upgrade your windows to match the new look and feel of your household. This is actually the perfect time to consider airflow, natural lighting, and window styles which might be a better fit for your newly renovated home.

Energy Efficiency

Recent improvements in window technology have allowed for the creation of extremely energy-efficient windows. What was considered energy-efficient 10 years ago might be highly inadequate to the task today. If you’ve been noticing that your utility bills have been steadily rising in recent months, one area which could be contributing to that increase is a loss of energy out your windows and doors. In addition to being more energy-efficient, purchasing some new, very capable windows will provide for greater comfort in your home. With no loss of conditioned air, your warm or cool air will stay inside, and your family will be much more comfortable with energy efficient windows.

Resale Value

If there’s any chance you might be moving to a new residence within the next several years, you should consider the increased resale value you’d get from having a total window replacement. Statistics show that approximately 70% of the cost of your windows can be recouped when you resell your home in the future. In the meantime, you get to enjoy all the benefits of energy-efficient and stylish looking windows.

Matching Styles and Designs

Unless all the windows in your home are the original ones, chances are you’ve had several windows replaced over the years, and they may have different styles and designs. You may have even replaced one or two yourself over the years, because they were in dire need of upgrade. That can leave your home with a number of different styles and designs which don’t necessarily match each other, and which may even conflict. By undergoing a whole-house window replacement, you can be sure that all the windows of your household are perfectly matched, and have the same look and feel.

Age & Damage From Weather

Weather will always play a role in determining the lifespan of your home’s windows. Of course, it’s not often that a major storm blows through and knocks a tree down into your windows, but weather can have more subtle impacts all the same. Weather can slowly wear away at the frame of your window, for instance by constant exposure to rain or snow, and that will leave you with weather damage that calls for window replacement. When the integrity of your windows has been compromised, it will always be worth your while to install new ones, so that you once again have a weathertight home.

Ready to Replace Your Windows?  Hire a Professional Contractor to do the Job.

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