As the winter months get colder in the Chicago Suburbs, you may be experiencing some cold draft air in your home.  If you have not replaced the windows in your home in quite some time, then this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.  The ideal solution is to replace your old drafty windows in your home with new energy efficient windows, but if this isn’t financially feasible at the moment, then there are a few tips to keep the draft down a bit.  Here are a few quick DIY fixes to reduce drafty windows.

Window Draft Stopper Chicago IL


Add a draft stopper (draft insulator) to your drafty windows and doors.  This can be purchased or made from household materials.


Caulk Windows Prevent Drafts

Over the years, especially with older windows, cracks and gaps may form around your windows.  Adding a layer of caulk and sealing up these cracks can help reduce cold air from entering around the windows.



Weather Strip Windows and Doors

The weatherstripping might need to be replaced as it wears over time.  Adding new weatherstripping to your doors and windows may be a quick, affordable solution to eliminating some of the draft.



Window Insulation Shrink Kit


Purchase and add a Window Insulation Shrink Film Kit on the drafty windows during the colder months of Chicago weather.