The kids are back to school, some of the leaves are starting to fall off of the trees and you’re waking up to the morning chill.  The Fall season in Chicago is here!  And you’re probably thinking about the checklist that you have to plan for the frigid Chicago winter.

Windows Ready for Winter Chicago SuburbsThinking back to last year’s winter season, were you comfortable in your home?  Did you notice drafts or avoid hanging out on the sofa next to the window?  Or maybe you felt a chill as you walked passed the front door.  If any of these scenarios ring a bell, then you may want to add replacement windows to your list.  If you live in an older home and have not yet replaced your windows, then you definitely fall into this category.  Even some of the not-so-old homes may have included very basic windows with minimal energy efficient features.  Whatever the case may be, Fall is a great time to consider replacing your old windows for new, energy-efficient windows for your home.  In addition, your entry doors to your home can also cause heat loss and cold drafts.

Energy Star Partner 2016 Windows Chicago SuburbsWindows and patio doors that meet stringent ENERGY STAR requirements can help pay dividends on a daily basis. Heat loss and gain through windows and doors account for up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling needs. ENERGY STAR qualified products help homes maintain a more balanced and comfortable indoor climate while conserving energy costs and reducing fossil fuel consumption. It’s good for consumers and good for the environment. Our exclusive line of Ultimate 2000 Windows are designed for advanced thermal protection. When combined with the CIimaTech ® insulated glass package, your energy costs can be reduced even more while maximizing the value of your investment. ClimaTech ELITE is ENERGY STAR qualified and reduces the consumption of fossil fuels by significantly increasing energy efficiency through the combination of UV-filtering Low-E Glass, insulating argon gas and the Intercept Warm Edge Spacer System.  Not only can this decrease your utility bills, but it can also provide optimal home comfort.

Contact Ultimate View Windows today for a FREE Window Estimate!  We will NOT send you a pushy salesperson loaded with gimmicks and price gadgets!  We believe customer satisfaction to be a top priority.  The owner personally visits with every homeowner and oversees every job.  Our team has over 25 years experience installing windows, siding and doors throughout the West, Southwest, and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.